ASP is now shipping the Talon Air Disc Loc, button release baton strengthens “Lighten the Load” Initiative

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has ramped up its “Lighten the Load” initiative, which is aimed at bettering the health and well-being of police officers, with the Talon Air baton. The 50 cm Disc Loc, button or cap release Talon Air weighs approximately 11.2 ounces, nearly a half of a pound less than its steel counterpart. The lighter weight is meant to help reduce the risk of low back injuries while its innovative design and unique materials still ensure superior performance and protection on the street. “With the addition of the Talon Air to our Airweight product line, we’re now offering law enforcement professionals more options to keep themselves safe and keep themselves healthy,” ASP CEO and Chairman Kevin Parsons, PhD, said.


The new Talon Air incorporates the revolutionary steel/aluminium design that is found in all of ASP’s Airweight batons. This custom combination results in a lightweight, durable and devastatingly effective impact weapon. The handle and middle of the baton are made with 7075 custom aluminium tubing – the same alloy used in an M4 rifle, and the striking surface is high carbon steel tubing.

Like the Talon Steel baton, the Talon Air’s sophisticated yet simple design uses two opposing internal discs that secure each of the baton’s shafts in place to ensure that lockout is stable and secure. It has a finger recess at the bottom of the foamed vinyl grip to improve an officer’s grasp and maximize striking potential.

And the Talon Air has fewer than 20 moving parts, making it simple to maintain and service in the field.

Officers can open the Talon Air by sharply extending it toward the ground or the sky, and they can also open it by pulling the extended tip of the baton’s shaft. This allows officers to expand the baton in tight spaces, such as a vehicle while working executive protection detail.

To retract the Talon Air, officers just push the release button at the butt-end of the baton’s grip with their thumb and press the tip of the shaft against their other hand, their body or the bottom of the case in which they carry the Talon Air. “One really important feature of the Talon Air is that is can be closed simply by putting it back into its scabbard in one fluid motion,” said Parsons. “Retraction couldn’t be more convenient.”

The Talon Air comes in 40 cm (8.8 ounces), 50 cm (11.2 ounces) and 60 cm (12.0 ounces) length models. The Talon Air can be carried in ASP’s SideBreak Scabbard.

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ASP’s “Lighten the Load” initiative brings the best of automation, applied science and industrial mechanics to decrease the weight and improve the performance of the protective equipment that must be carried each day by police. The initiative includes impact weapons, restraints and lighting products. For more information on the “Lighten the Load” initiative and other ASP products, visit

About ASP/”Protecting Those Who Protect”

ASP is one of the industry’s foremost suppliers of Batons, Restraints, Training and LED lighting. It has stood for innovative designs, flawless function and an unmatched standard of service since Kevin Parsons, PhD, founded the company in 1976. ASP holds more than 100 product patents and provides almost $2 million in free training each year to law enforcement. ASP is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. All products are designed in the United States.